Welcome to Taiwan

Golden paddy field

If you’ve never thought of Taiwan as a cycling tour destination, think again! Taiwan is tiny, but is rather diverse culturally, ecologically, and geographically. Also, its small size means that you don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers between destinations.

With more than 5000 km of bike routes and a convenient supporting public transportation system, even the most rural parts of Taiwan can be easily visited without any hassle – on your bike of course.  Cycling in Taiwan has never been easier.

Taiwan is a testament to the immense power of Mother Nature, demonstrated by the sheer number of peaks – 268 of them –over 3000 meters high on an island no bigger than Denmark. Large variations in the natural environment makes Taiwan one of the most ecologically and geographically diverse places of the planet, with tens of thousands of kinds of flora and fauna calling this beautiful island home. After all, the Portuguese sailors didn’t call this island Formosa for nothing.

Aborigines inhabited Taiwan for thousands of years before the Dutch and Spanish built settlements temporarily during the Age of Discovery in the 17th century; and then the Japanese played a major role in the modernization of Taiwan during its colonization of the island from 1895 to 1945.  However, Taiwan is still considered a Chinese society as most of the island’s inhabitants nowadays have ancestors from China.   When touring Taiwan, clues left behind by the peoples mentioned above can easily be found.

Come to Taiwan.  There is so much to see and do. With mountains of extraordinary experiences waiting to be found, what are you waiting for!?