Shih-Men Dam Visit and 17K Stretch of Hsinchu’s Coastline

17 km coast

Location: Taoyuan County and Hsinchu coastline

Yingge, located in Taipei County (to the south of Taipei), is famous for its high concentration of potters, and almost all attractions are located within a 10min ride of the Yingge train station. Travelers can take the buses from hotels to Yingge, and enjoy riding and an afternoon tea at suburban area full of historic and culture atmosphere.  Shihmen Reservoir, located in Longtan Township, Taoyuan County, opened to the public in 1964, and is one of Taiwan’s major reservoirs now supply water to more than three million people in northern Taiwan.  Hsinchu’s 17 kilometer long coastline boasts many spectacular scenic spots from Nanliao’s Hsinchu Harbor to the Nankang Bird Watching Area which includes harbors, ecological park, and bird watching areas.

Days: 2 Days
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Total Distance:90km

Things to See and Highlights

  • Experience Taiwan’s ceramic capital, Yingge, and its famous Old Street.
  • Explore the trails besides the Tahan River, and visit the baroque-style Tahsi bridge, built in the eighteenth century
  • Sankeng Historic Street allows riders to enjoy the beauty of the farmlands
  • Pay a visit to Shihmen Dam, once the largest reservoir in Southeast Asia
  • Visits to small historic towns offer you an unbeatable experience of browsing through a variety of the local traditional hardware stores.
  • Enjoy biking on 17 kilometers of the splendid coastline. Enjoy the gentle ocean breezes, blue sky and fascinating local architecture.
  • Delicious food, picturesque views and great entertainment!

Tour Date: 25-26 February, 2016 (or customized)
Tour Price: $380 USD
Meals Included: 1 breakfast, 2 
lunches, 1 dinner
Accommodation: 1 night
Bike Rental: Included
Level of Support: Fully Supported