Culture and Nature of Taiwan

Harvest festival of Amis tribe

The Old Townships of Taiwan and their Architecture

Taiwan’s culture combines those of the Chinese, Japanese, and aboriginals, and has developed into something charming and unique. This will be evident as you ride through the old streets of the towns and cities of Taiwan, feeling the local history emanating from the historic buildings, including temples, churches, and old storefront buildings.

Volcanoes & Hot Springs

Your journey to relaxation starts here. The hot springs scattered amongst the volcanoes of northern Taiwan hold an important place in the hearts of many Taiwanese people. The reason for this is simple – nothing beats a nice, hot, luxurious bath on a cold day! On this tour we will take you through your geothermal bathing experience in a way different but even more rewarding than just driving – on a bike.
Beitou Theermal Valley

The Many Facets of Taiwan

Taiwan’s subtropical climate, coupled with its diverse geological foundations, makes for a fascinating landscape filled to the brim with a plethora of native flora and fauna habituating widely varied terrain. And there is frankly no better way to get to know the natural marvels of this amazing island than on a bike.